The comprehensive building layout science, the facility is perfect, is the study good place. Therefore our school's quality of teaching in the locality is also very famous. Every year's resiting foremost people in the field stem from our school. I like my school comprehensive building。


I study in a very beautiful school.

Teachers in school are all brilliant.

Teachers are careful to students and give us their affectionate.

My school has a very big and pretty garden so that we can play in it very happily after class.

My school has a big library where we can read more than thousands of books.

I had a good time during my study in this school.




My school is beautful.

In my school, there are many pretty girls.

My school is a place I will remember forever.

My school is famous for the famous teachers.

It's a place that I finds friendship and joy.

We live a very happy life here.

My school is so beautiful that i cannot think of leaving there for less a day.

At the first sight you see ma school,you would love it.

I like my school, because my school is very beautiful.

There is a big playground in my school.

I generally ride my bike to school.

This school gives thorough instruction.

He proposed founding a school there.

A lot of birds flew over the school yesterday.

The mess is next to tje library.


My school is beautful.我的学校是美丽的.

In my school, there are many pretty girls.在我的学校,那里有很多漂亮的女孩

My school is a place I will remember forever.我的学校是一个地方我会永远记得.

My school is famous for the famous teachers.我的学校以名教师出名.

It's a place that I finds friendship and joy.这是一个我找到了友谊和快乐的地方

We live a very happy life here. 我们在这里过着幸福的生活.

It's also a place that teach me precious values. .这也是一个教我珍贵的价值观的地方.

Students from poor families can have study grant.


Our teacher is very kind, amiable, and cares about us a lot. He not only teaches us science and culture knowledge, but also cares about us in life and guides us.We live a very happy life here.


Students from poor families can have study grant.


Our teacher is very kind, amiable, and cares about us a lot. He not only teaches us science and culture knowledge, but also cares about us in life and guides us.


1、片言之赐,皆我师也。Slice speech, I division also。

2、一日为师,终身为父。A day for the teacher, lifelong for father。

3、爱就是教育,没有爱便没有教育。Love is education, no love, no education。

4、一位好老师,胜过万卷书。A good teacher, and more than thousands of books。

5、是宽容而不是纵容,是诱导而不是命令。Tolerance is not indulgence, induction, rather than command。

6、但愿每次回忆,对生活都不感到负疚。I wish every time memories, don't feel guilty for life。

7、鹤发银丝映日月,丹心热血沃新花。A crane silver mirror the sun steps blood new flowers。

8、教师不仅是知识的传播者,而且是模范。Teacher is the disseminator of knowledge not only, and is a model。

9、一个好的教师,是一个懂得心理学和教育学的人。A good teacher, is a man who understand the psychology and pedagogy。

10、太阳底下最光辉的职业,人类灵魂的工程师。The most glorious career under the sun, the engineer of the human soul。

11、学贵得师,亦贵得友。为学莫重于尊师。Learn expensive division, also your friend。 To learn is better than a teacher。

12、教师的工作是激发孩子对人生无限的好奇心。The teacher's job is to inspire children infinite curiosity about life。

13、教师是孩子的镜子,孩子是老师的影子。Teacher is the mirror of the child, the child is the shadow of the teacher。

14、对于您教诲的苦心,我无比感激,并将铭记于心!Hard for your teachings, I am very grateful, and will be remembered!

15、你若要喜爱你自己的价值,你就得给世界创造价值。If you want to love your own value, you have to create value to the world。


For all the great things you say and do…

The best teacher's award goes to you.

As another school term approaches…

wish your days turn our to be as great as you make ours.

You are the best.

Your guidance makes me go far and do things differently.

Sending flowers to my teacher.

Your lessons are still the one that helps me.

Your words are still fresh and warm.

You've swayed my life so deeply.

You're still my best teacher.

A sweet and lovely gift to my favorite teacher.

You are a special person in our life.

We all love you, Sir!

To Sir, With Love !

Thanks for being an inspiring teacher.

You taught me to aim for success and to accept failure with courage.

Warm thoughts of love and regards to our loving teachers.

I want to be like you, when I grow up.

Your guidance makes us to achieve what we have dreamt for.

Thank you for being my teacher.

Sending great love to the greatest teacher of the world


A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.——H.B.Adames


Teachers are engineers of the human soul—— Stalin

教师是人类灵魂的工程师。 ——斯大林

A good student can find his teacher's mistakes, but he is respectful to keep silent, because it is these mistakes that help him and make him walk on the road.—Turgenev


Everyone I met, more or less, was my teacher because I learned from them.——



A teacher in one day, is a father all the life.——Guan Hanqing


The teacher is not only a communicator of knowledge, but also a model.——Bruner

教师不仅是知识的传播者,而且是模范。 ——布鲁纳

No matter how proud a person is to achieve, they should drink water and remember that their teacher has planted the seeds for his growth.——Madame Curie


Spring Silkworms to death to make silk, wax torch ashes only dry tears." ——

li shangyin


His body is not in order; The body is not right, although it is not.——Confucius

其身正,不令而行;其身不正,虽令不从。 ——孔子

Learn more than respect for teachers.——SitongTan

为学莫重于尊师。 ——谭嗣同


If there is no teacher

If the grass is not the mannose

Then it will never enjoy the joy of growth

If the sky is not the stars

Then people will lose the point of the buoy

If the garden is not a gardener

Then it is only a shortage of free land

If we do not have the teacher

Well, then what would happen

Teachers are sweet Ganlu

Her to make the grass grow

Teachers are the shining stars

She specified routes for our

Teachers are hard gardener

She make no shortage of land into a beautiful garden

If, without a teacher

Would not we now

Thank you, ah, teacher

Pamela milk you gave birth to our prosperity

Hard you sweat and moisture in our
























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